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How to Clean Contemporary Rugs the Right Way

Install a contemporary rug in any room, and you have made a great addition to the decor. The modern styles, abstract patterns, and bold designs are an easy way to make any room more attractive. The innovative contrasts and unique colors appeal to every eye.
Contemporary rugs give pizzazz and verve to a modern room. Rooms with minimalist designs and neutral color schemes look intriguing with the arresting pigments and swank motifs of contemporary rugs. Abstract designs such as stripes, geometric patterns, blocks, and waves break up a dull room.

Contemporary rugs in tonal palettes or solid colors are ideal for modern rooms that exhibit several patterns. Stylized seashells or wave motifs create a coastal spin. Vining leaves, cultivate a natural, calming atmosphere.

Your Contemporary Rugs

By taking care of a few things, you can maintain the great looks of contemporary rugs.
•First, buy a quality rug and put a pad beneath it.

•Vacuum the rug regularly,
•Immediately, treat spills.
•Have the rugs professionally cleaned periodically

The rugs are beautiful decorations, but only when they are kept shiny and spotlessly clean. We can even take care of most pet stain and odor problems. Professional contemporary rug cleaners can help with the task. Here is a detailed explanation of the cleaning process for contemporary rugs.

Rug Inspection

The material of the rug is determined. The pile, colors, foundation, knots, and fringe are carefully examined. A color test of the rug is used to determine the suitable cleaning method that prevents the rug from fading.

Dust Is Removed

Nearly all rugs have dirt particles and dust absorbed deep into the fibers. Regular vacuuming cannot remove them. A professional rug cleaner has a rug duster that does the job effectively. As it moves across the rug, all deep lying particles are extracted.

Washing the Rug

These are the rug washing processes that are most suitable for cleaning contemporary rugs.
•Submersion Cleaning – The rug is immersed in a mild solution for a while. The method removes all stains and any dust left on the surface.
•Rotary Shampoo – Rugs that cannot be submerged are treated with a suitable shampooing product that achieves the needed results.
•Dry Foam Cleaning – Rugs with dyed colors that can fade or that offer no resistance to water are cleaned with dry substances that use no water.

Rinsing the Rug

This step does not apply to rugs cleaned with dry foam shampoo. For all other methods, the rugs are thoroughly rinsed with water to ensure no residue is left behind. The remaining residue will discolor contemporary rugs. The sticky nature of the particles will attract more dust.

Drying the Rug

The last step of the rug cleaning process is drying. Contemporary rugs are dried in state-of-the-art drying rooms. The process is expedited by blowing warm air over the rug. The temperature of the chamber may be increased to drop the humidity to accomplish faster drying.

Avail yourself of a professional contemporary rug clean to maintain the beauty of the rug. Professionals, who clean contemporary rugs, treat them with a gentle, luxurious cleansing that removes soils embedded in the fibers, brings life back to the colors and restores a rug’s soft texture back to the way it was when it was new.


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