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Flokati Rug Cleaning

Like any fine home product, a Flokati rug requires attention and care. The fine quality and construction of a Flokati rug deserve more attention than the basic hand tufted or knotted area rug. Wool is utilized in the handmade process of creating Flokati rugs.
The making of these beautiful rugs dates back to a process used in ancient Greece. Typically the rugs are broad and often dyed. The weight and size of a Flokati rug vary. There are lots of different shades found on the market. Even with the ancient roots of Flokati rugs, they are considered precious pieces today.

Owners of these rugs need to have them cleaned regularly to maintain, a fresh new look. A properly cared for rug can last a lifetime and for generations to come. The cleaning process may require two people to complete the cleaning process, such as shaking the Flokati rug or beating a contemporary rug. A Flokati rug can be quite heavy.

Home Care of Flokati Rugs

The basic care of Flokati rugs involves shaking and fresh, outdoor air. It is not recommended to vacuum a Flokati rug. Take the rug outside. Shake it to eliminate most of the dirt that collected in the wool fibers.
Let a Flokati rug breathe. Let it outdoors for a few hours. The fresh air removes indoor odors. It helps the wool regain oxygen and enhances the Flokati rug’s wool fibers. The rug should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Sprinkle a light mist of water and gently brush with a soft brush from the center to the edges to make a Flokati rug fluffier. It is normal and not harmful for some wool fibers to be caught in the brush. After the rug is swept, shake it from each corner.
If it is damp, do not walk on it until it dries. If pets use the rug as a sleeping spot, hang the rug outdoors to remove any odor. Pet hairs are easily removed by a light brushing or shaking. In the case of small stains, dilute with water. The area should not be soaked. Work quickly to prevent a stain from drying or hardening.

Do not rub the area or push the stain deeper into the pile. Use a scoop or spoon on solid spills to remove as much as possible. Allow the rug to air dry. Excess heat should be avoided. When the rug is dry, lightly brush the pile to restore its texture.
Your rug will need occasional washing. Small rugs can be placed in a washing machine on the gentle cycle using mild detergent soap designed for wool. Large rugs cannot be put in a washing machine and are difficult to hand. It is best to let professional rug cleaners clean both large and small Flokati rugs.

Professional Cleaning

Professional rug cleaners have developed skills that make the process extremely efficient. There are five steps in the course of cleaning Flokati rugs. Experts carry out each step carefully to achieve effective results.


The rug is thoroughly inspected. Any stains that appear are noted. Each is identified, and the proper cleaning agent is determined. A suitable process is chosen that will do no damage to the rug.


The solution will do no harm to the wool or cause colors to fade. The rug is soaked in the solution until the stain disappears.

Washing the Rug

After soaking, the Flokati rug is thoroughly rinsed with water so that no residue is left behind. If necessary, a cleaning agent is used to clean the rug. Often, only water is used.


The drying process is carried out in a state-of-the-art drying room where appropriate temperatures are maintained. The rug hung in the room dries in a short time.
Any blemish found in this step is taken care of to ensure the customer has no issues with the quality of service provided.

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