Jute Rug Cleaning in Brooklyn, NYC

Jute area rugs are excellent solutions for indoor living areas thanks to their beautiful neutral color palettes that help them blend in with almost all types of interior designs. Their enhanced durability given by the natural jute fibers they are crafted with makes them suitable for use in many areas of the house.

As the number one Brooklyn, NY area rug cleaning service, we specialize in advanced, 100% safe jute rug cleaning solutions. We guarantee your satisfaction no matter if you need us to remove old stains and lingering odors from your jute rugs, restore broken bindings, or remove old stains.

Call (718) 388-4575 now and schedule a cleaning job with us to bring back the lost beauty, usability, and functionality in your dirty or damaged jute rugs.

Types of Jute Rugs We Work With

We cover a vast array of jute area rugs, including, but not limited to:

  • flat weave jute rugs
  • jute Soumak rugs
  • woven jute rugs
  • hand-knotted jute rugs
  • jute ticking rugs
  • wool/jute woven blend rugs

Our Jute Rug Cleaning Services

When a jute rug gets too worn out, is covered in stains, or is damaged by improper cleaning and vacuuming, it requires professional cleaning services. Cleaning a jute rug cannot be done using standard water-based techniques. This is because getting such a rug wet or overly exposed to high humidity, moisture, and harsh chemicals may cause severe damage to the structure.

We specialize in the entire array of cleaning and maintenance solutions for all jute rug models.  Whether you need assistance with antique or vintage jute rugs that have been in the family for generations or you need expert dry cleaning, vacuuming, or restoration solutions for a newer jute rug subject to staining and structural damage, we are the people for the job.

We work fast and affordable using advanced tools and equipment. We begin every cleaning job with a thorough rug inspection to minimize all risks.

Here are the most popular jute rug cleaning services we are required to do in the NYC area:

  • Rug inspection
  • Testing
  • Vacuuming
  • Dry cleaning with sprays and dry cleaning powder
  • Jute rug cleaning with fabric cleaners
  • Odor removal
  • Stain and spot removal
  • Repair for snapped edges
  • Restoration of frayed tassels

Jute Rug Assessment and Testing

We never initiate a cleaning procedure for jute rugs without carefully assessing the surface of the rug back and front. This allows us to clearly determine the source and severity of the staining, the amount and type of dirt embedded deep into the fibers, and any structural damage that may require our advanced restoration techniques.

Before deciding upon the most suitable dry cleaning techniques based on our discoveries, we test a few products on an inconspicuous surface, usually underneath the rug. This allows us to prevent unwanted damage and staining. Our technicians also obey the manufacturers’ cleaning instructions and guidelines.

Professional Vacuuming for Jute Rugs

Our rug cleaners use advanced vacuuming techniques to reach deep into the fibers and remove all traces of dirt, dust mites, pollen, pet hair, and debris. To prevent additional damage and obtain ideal results, we usually remove the beater bar from the vacuum cleaner and use the low suction setting.

Edges and corners require special attention because of the potentially damaging effects of the suction movement on the binding. Our technicians normally use the nozzle attachment and soft brushes on these areas.

Dry Cleaning

Cleaning a woven or braided jute rug, our professionals rely on specific environmentally friendly dry cleaning products such as powders, sprays, and fabric cleaners that are compatible with jute fibers.

When powder cleaners are used, they are carefully sprinkled on the entire surface of the rug, gently worked in with stiff-bristled brushes, and left to sit on the rug to act for a few hours.

Spray cleaners are sprayed on the surface, followed by blotting with damp cloths and the wringing step that is needed to remove all traces of the product.

Dry spots are removed using specific scraping moves starting at the outer edges and working toward the middle of the stained area. Wet spots are cleaned with damp cloths and mild cleaning detergents suitable for jute rugs.

Jute Area Rug Restoration and Repair

Accidental liquid and food spilling, incorrect vacuuming techniques using improper vacuum accessories, a lot of foot traffic, and high levels of humidity normally cause staining and structural problems such as shrinkage on jute rugs.

Our expert repair and restoration solutions for broken or snagged edges, rug openings, and frayed tassels can bring back the lost functionality in your beloved rugs. We guarantee seamless work at affordable prices.

If you are looking for a professional jute rug dry cleaning service that can remove old stains and lingering odors or you need advanced restoration solutions, give us a call. We are the number one area rug cleaner in Brooklyn and we offer the most convenient and reliable services in the area.


Can I wash a jute rug with water?

It is recommended not to immerse jute rugs in water or use large amounts of water or standard steam cleaning to clean these types of rugs to prevent shirking and structural problems.

Is it difficult to clean a jute rug?

Usually, home maintenance is done through periodical vacuuming and liquid stain blotting. Nonetheless, since water and moisture are known to damage jute fibers, only dry cleaning products such as powder-based products and sprays can be safely used on them.

Can I use standard rug cleaners on jute rugs?

To prevent damage, only special fabric cleaners that are suitable for jute fibers should be used on these area rugs.

Can jute area rugs be vacuumed?

Yes. Jute area rugs are best cleaned and maintained with the help of standard vacuum cleaners. The procedure should be repeated once or twice a week for the best results.

Can I steam-clean a jute rug?

It is best to not use steam cleaning methods based on water to prevent shrinkage problems and damaged fibers.

Can I clean a jute rug with baking soda?

Yes. Baking soda makes for an excellent dry cleaner for jute rugs as it can effectively eliminate bad odors, stains, and dirt.


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