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Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

The process of cleaning Oriental rugs, when done properly, optimizes the level of desired results without spoiling the quality of the rug. Steps include:

•Inspecting the rug and identifying any stains
•Providing an estimate of the cost to clean the rug and details about specific techniques that will be used in the process. Customer approval is required before professionals move forward with The process
•Steps are taken to minimize any cleaning risks
•The rug is vacuumed to remove dust and other particles
•A pre-treatment process aimed at removing heavy, deep stains is applied
•One of three rug cleaning techniques is chosen to clean the rug. They are a specialized cleaning process, dry cleaning the rug, or a tack out procedure.
•Extra treatments for added protection, odor, or moths are conducted as necessary.
•The rug is dried in a state-of-the-art drying room.
•The rug is inspected and examined again. As a general rule, the process does not have to be repeated. If there are stains or other issues that do not satisfy a client, the Oriental rug cleaning process is repeated. If you have a silk rug then that is a completely different procedure. 



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Cleaning Techniques

Specialized Cleaning Process – This method provides a thorough level of Oriental rug cleaning. The rug is sprayed with a mild detergent solution. Bristles are used to scrub the rug to remove dust and soil particles gently. The rug is rinsed and set out to dry. The result is a spotless rug that looks as good as new.
Dry Cleaning – This process cleans Oriental rugs with a cleaner other than water. It is used on rugs that are delicate and may degrade in water. Labor-intensive hand washing is eliminated. Although the name implies the process is ‘dry,’ the rug is soaked in a cleaning agent other than water. The process is used by professionals when it is believed the color of the rug will fade using water.
Tack Out – If a rug is at risk of losing its shape or shrinking, it is cleaned with a tack out process. The rug is firmly tacked to a surface and washed in that position. The process ensures the rug will not lose its shape or shrink.

Preserving Oriental Rugs

Quality Oriental rugs can last for years and years. One way to maintain their beauty is by having them professionally cleaned. There are some things you can do to keep them in optimal conditions in between cleanings.

Rotate your rugs: This measure avoids excessive wear to any one area of a rug. It is recommended to rotate rugs every two to six months.
Avoid sunlight: Direct sunlight can cause the dyes in Oriental rugs to fade. Careful placement avoids the problem.
Vacuum regularly: Vacuuming not only removes debris and dirt caused by everyday use but keeps the fibers of the rug from becoming matted. Use caution to avoid getting fringe caught in the vacuum.
Spot clean: In the case of stains or spills, blot excess liquid with a paper towel or cloth. Use a little club soda to loosen a stain. Avoid detergent, soap, or other cleaners. They can cause damage to carpet fibers.


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