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Pakistani Rug Cleaning

The intricate designs of Pakistani rugs make them popular worldwide. Their variety in color and handmade construction distinguishes them from Western rugs. The most common color is red. The Pakistani rugs also come in light brown, black, blue, and green.

On average, it takes a full 3000 hours to make a Pakistani rug. Most of them are made of wool. A wool treatment gives the rugs luster and results in a hardwearing, high-quality rugs. The beautiful, soft rugs are wonderful to walk on. They are available in many sizes.
Pakistani rugs were the center of rug production when Pakistan was ruled by India. After gaining independence, the rug industry played a major role in the Pakistani economy. Traditional Pakistani rugs are influenced by the designs and weaving techniques of Persia.

Each region contributed its own weave, design, and other art weaving aspects. Rug production of modern Pakistani rugs is very limited. Only Gabbeh rugs are produced. They are hand knotted with few matching colors or uniform colors. They have some abrash accents. The finest Gabbehs of today come from Pakistan.

Pakistani Rugs in Homes Today

Pakistani rugs are quite practical they fit into virtually any décor setting. They are an excellent choice for staircases, hallways, dining rooms, or living rooms. The modern, transitional, and traditional types of Pakistani rugs are among the most valued in the industry of fashion.

The owner of a Pakistani rug does not want it to suffer damage caused by such things as spilled cocktails, or juice. Messy rugs attract no attention. Professional rug cleaners can address the problems resulting from such accidents or any other and make the rug stain-free and look as good as new.

Hiring Professionals

It is likely that none of the traditional homemade remedies will clean a Pakistani rug. Expert rug cleaning technicians are equipped to deal with stains without doing damage to the rug’s quality. Cleaning Pakistani rugs is somewhat different than cleaning other rugs.
Experts respect the rugs and choose the right cleaning method. They are used to dealing with all kinds of rugs such as Turkish and other types or exotic rugs. Several processes that include inspecting, washing, and drying are involved. Exclusive materials that protect Pakistani rugs from damage are used.
The cleaning process includes:
• Inspecting the rug stains
• Vacuuming the dried particles of dust
• An extensive and delicate washing
• Drying with a combination of air conditioning and heat

Any soil or stain that has been on a rug for two months or longer should not be attempted to remove by anyone other than a professional. When the rug is professionally cleaned, it ensures the rug is free of unseen harmful particles such as dust and bacteria that can cause skin problems and allergic reactions.

A clean rug guarantees the room will look better and reduces health problems. A lot of thought probably went into the decision to buy a Pakistani rug. Don’t settle for an average rug cleaner. Choose the best service provider available. You want a rug cleaner interested in satisfying customers.


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