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Persian Rug Cleaning Brooklyn,

NY Unparalleled color, beauty, and charm are added to any room having a Persian rug. No matter the shape, style, color, size, or design, an exquisite Persian rug holds elegance and magnificence that adds finesse and sophistication to interior décor.

Most people who own a Persian rug do not have the expertise, knowledge, and skills required to maintain and clean the rug. Persian rugs cleaning demands understanding, attention, and lots of care.

Inevitable Accidents

No matter how carefully one attends to a Persian rug, it is susceptible to spills and stains. It is possible to address the stains with little effort by hiring a professional rug cleaner as soon as you notice a stain on this valuable asset.

Just because Persian rugs do not have visible marks and stains does not mean the rug should not be entrusted to the care of an expert. Even Persian rugs that are vacuumed weekly can have pounds of dirt embedded in the fibers of the rug.

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Only competent rug cleaners can provide quality cleaning procedures that leave a Persian rug spotless and thoroughly clean.
Safe Cleaning Procedures that Beautify Persian Rugs
Experts that have extensive experience in the repair and cleaning of Persian carpets and rugs have access to unique methods, tools, and cleaning practices that make them stand out when compared to other self-attempted cleaning methods. Experts rely both on proven cleaning methods and cutting-edge equipment to ensure a rug comes to no harm.

Each Persian rug is thoroughly inspected to locate dirty spots, stains, and marks that are invisible to the naked eye. The inspection helps gain an understanding of the fibers and dyes used in the rug. The cleaning method goes beyond the typical surface cleaning.

Solutions and methods comply with industry standards and cause no harm to the softness and beauty of the rug. Dedicated professionals are trained to execute the hand-cleaning process needed for fine Persian rugs.

A gentle approach is necessary to keep from ruining the exquisite workmanship. The effective cleaning method is not harsh and leaves no residue behind. A mild deodorizer is also used. Dry cleaning is a major step in the cleaning process.

The rug is carefully dried to prevent mildew and mold from developing. Every rug has a unique set of cleaning demands. Only professionals can give Persian rugs the attention and care they deserve.

Preventing Persian Rug Damage

Rugs that are properly cleaned can still become damaged. The damage is sometimes inevitable. Persian rugs are made of beautiful fabrics sensitive to wear-and-tear. Persian rugs can degrade due to aging. There are some techniques to delay aging.

Stop sun damage – Keep the rug out of direct sunlight. Sunlight causes a rug to fade and become lighter. Antique rugs with colors from natural substances are especially vulnerable.
Rotate the rug – Rotate a rug once each month at a minimum. If rugs are exposed to sunlight, they will fade in uniform color.

Vary the pathway on a Persian rug – Furniture, place on a rug, creates a frequently used path. Move furniture so that the walkway is changed. The rearrangement stops damage from occurring in a single location.


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