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Area Rug Pet Stain Removal

It ‘s hard to deal with pet stains. Past accidents are hard to detect. Before performing any treatment, professional rug and carpet cleaners conduct an inspection to spot the spots. Simple cleaning will not remove pet stains and odors.

On humid or rainy days, even light accidents left behind by pets manifest an odor. A large majority of the urine ends up under a rug or carpet. Disinfecting and fragrant sprays are temporary solutions. To get rid of the foul and persistent stains and smells produced by pets, the source of the odor must be eliminated.

Dealing with Pet Stains on Your Own

Many products claim to eliminate pet odors and stains. Some work as claimed. Others are less effective. Professional carpet and rug cleaners are your best bet. They are familiar with products that provide the highest quality of stain and odor removal. Professional carpet and rug cleaners use a product designed to improve cleaning. Those products include agents to clean and remove pet urine stains and odors. The cleaning agents must be utilized properly. The best that can be hoped for by improper use is partial removal of odor and stains.

Contact with the source and cleaning agents is necessary for the products to work. There is a required minimum of contact time. Moisture is needed during this period. The amount and time of moisture vary. The variation is why professionals should take on the task.
No single product can accomplish the removal of odors and stains. Stains must be neutralized and addressed so that urine salt crystals dissolve properly and can be removed from the carpet fibers where they gather.

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Getting a Handle on Pet Urine

Products that neutralize urine work permanently and immediately. Odors are neutralized completely. Urine is not the only deposit pets make on rugs or carpet that cause odor and stains. Fecal matter and vomit odors and stains are eliminated with highly concentrated enzyme and bacteria formulas.
They deal with a range of rug and carpet odors. Any organic-related stain is removed. The substances causing the smell are broken down and eliminated. The formulas provide permanent odor control. They also deter future deposits. Sewage plants use bio-enzymes as the primary ingredients. Biodegrading naturally eliminates odors.

How Odors and Stains Are Eliminated

Enzyme catalysts break down molecules of urine that are under carpets and rugs. The smaller pieces are eaten by bacteria. They multiply and consume urine from the flooring, pad, and rug or carpet. When bacteria run out of food, they disappear by being converted into water and carbon dioxide.

As evaporation occurs, the source of the odor and stain is taken away. Encapsulation and oxidation are processes used in the battle against the odor of pet urine. Encapsulation binds and envelopes odor causing it to be oxidized. Oxygen cleans and purifies.
If you have pets, the need to deal with stains eventually is inevitable. They are part of life. When facing tough pet stains, professional rug and carpet cleaners have the solution for eliminating both stains and odors. We are even able to neutralize oder pet oders in wool carpets and rugs.


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