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The appearance of any room in the home can be improved with a beautiful silk rug. Using the right colors gives the room a stunning ambiance. Finding a silk rug suitable for the interior of a home is not always an easy task.
Despite the durability and simplicity of silk rugs, they need to be properly taken care of. In doing so, they will serve you well for many years. For the rug to provide the desired effect, it must be clean and spotless. A grubby, soiled silk rug becomes an ugly decorative piece.

Proper care of a silk rug avoids the adverse effect. There are do-it-yourself methods that have the potential to spoil the quality of a silk rug. It is best to let a reputable cleaning company, that offers silk rug cleaning service, care for the rugs. The processes used will not spoil the rug. Customers are pleased with the results.

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Dust Removal

The care program begins by removing the dust from a rug. Dusting is necessary for aesthetic purposes as well as for cleaning. The rug is vacuumed with equipment that regular vacuum cleaners cannot match. All dust particles, including those burrowed deep in the carpet fibers, are removed. No fibers are damaged in the process.

Stain Removal

Stains on silk rugs are caused by liquid spills, or grease particles and other sticky substances that settle on the pile and accumulate dust. The spot removal process involves the identification of spots on the rug. The stains are studied, and the appropriate cleaning agents and techniques are determined. Those cleaning agents and techniques case the stains to disappear, even those that are very old.

Pet Stains

You may love your pets, but they can be the cause of a rug’s dirty appearance. Pet stains must be treated differently. The removal method addresses the contaminants that are present. After using the appropriate techniques and cleaning agents, the area is disinfected. Professionals make sure the stain are removed down to the deepest level of the rug.

Cleaning a Silk Rug

The experts choose between washing or dry cleaning a rug. They choose the method that will produce the best results. A mild detergent is used when the rug is washed. It is then thoroughly rinsed. Dry compounds are used when color fading is thought possible.

Stains and spills can leave a bad odor. Rugs are deodorized with agents that ensure the rug will smell fresh and new. Rugs are treated with advanced products and a layer of specific compounds is applied to provide extra protection. These measures slow down the deterioration process and make a rug resistant to stains.

Dye Bleeds

Dye bleeds can be caused by several things. Silk rugs that are washed incorrectly or steam cleaned can cause bleeds. Sometimes weak dyes will bleed. After-market painting and defective dyes also cause rugs to suffer. Other sources of the problem include over the counter spot removers, sunlight, and pet urine. If bleeding occurs, use a cloth to absorb the soiled area. Contact a rug cleaning specialist if the cloth absorption method does not solve the problem.

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