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 Turkish Rugs Cleaning 

Because Turkish rugs bring an exotic flair to a home, they are an attractive commodity. The rare craftsmanship quality behind Turkish rugs is another reason for their popularity. Turkish rugs are handmade and have intricate patterns that add to the exotic aura they exude.

Despite their beauty, Turkish rugs wear out easily if precautions are not taken. Turkish rugs require care and are an investment you want to show off. Here are some handy tips for cleaning Turkish rugs. They are basic instructions that a Turkish rug owner should exercise in the cleaning and care of the rugs.

Thorough and Frequent Cleaning

Unlike other rugs, you cannot vacuum Turkish rugs and expect them to look good as new. Use a vacuum cleaner or an old-fashioned natural bristle hand broom. Use the nozzle attachment of a vacuum rather that the attachment with a revolving brush.
When vacuuming or sweeping, vacuum or brush both sides to draw as much of the bugs, dirt, and grime as possible from the rug. Turkish rugs have a tendency to accumulate dust that is hard to remove.

Color Preservation

The usually vibrant colors of Turkish rugs get dull when grime and dirt accumulate. A cleansing soak made with one part vinegar to three parts cold water is a natural wash that works out nasty stains. Vinegar is a natural cleanser. It has no harsh chemicals that would cause the rug to lose its vibrancy and color.

Do Not Rub

We tend to rub in circles when trying to get stains out of rugs. That action should not be used on Turkish rugs. Rubbing will cause the stains to go deeper into the rug. Avoid getting the entire rug wet when trying to remove one stain. Use a spray bottle to direct the cleaning liquid to the stained portion only.

Professional Cleaning

Having Turkish rugs professionally cleaned ensures the rugs will stay in good condition. Despite your best efforts, you may find your rug is not as clean and vibrant as it was originally. Professionals offer Turkish rug cleaning that ensures the rug is cleaned with proper attention and care. They have specialized equipment to use for the task.
Cleanliness is the first significant step toward preserving a handmade rug and the best defense against damaging it. There are no hard and fast rules that determine how often a Turkish rug should be cleaned. Every household exposes rugs to a different amount of wear and dirt.

Cleaning can vary from six months to two-year intervals. A rug with a light colored pattern may need to be cleaned more often than a rug with dark, intricate designs. The feel of the pile is an indication that a Turkish rug needs to be cleaned. The feel is harsh and coarse instead of smooth and velvety.
Another test to determine if the rug needs to be cleaned is to fold a corner of the rug and tap the underside of the rug over the palm of your hand. A fine powder of loose fibers, grit, and dust is also an indication that the rug should be cleaned.

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