Viscose Rug Cleaning

As much as it is soft, shimmery, and gorgeous to look at, a viscose rug is probably one of the most problematic types of carpets that you could own. Our vast experience working with all sorts of area rugs over the years has helped us develop a special cleaning protocol that enables us to keep the risk of damage during cleaning to a minimum.

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Why Is Viscose Rug Cleaning So Complicated?

Viscose carpets are made from viscose fibers which are obtained artificially, in specialized facilities that combine a number of chemicals, cotton by-products, and pulp extracted from wood and other similar materials. Thus, a special type of cellulose is obtained, called “regenerative cellulose”, which is what gives these rugs their paper-like features and the majority of the vulnerabilities that characterize them.

If you are not sure whether the rug you own is made from viscose fibers or not, as you have bought it under a different name, you should know the following: viscose rugs are also called art silk rug, bamboo rugs, banana rugs, or rayon rugs. All of these generic names refer to the same type of carpets made from regenerative cellulose. If you still feel like you would use some extra guidance, feel free to get in touch with us and allow us to provide you with the best advice and recommendations possible.    

Viscose carpets are also problematic since their fibers get 50% weaker every time they are washed with fresh water or steam. Accidental spillage, including pet urine and high levels of humidity in the air will also trigger similar effects along with turning the rugs yellow or brown. Simply walking on a viscose rug or vacuuming it at home using a regular vacuum cleaner is prone to cause serious structural damage in a very short amount of time. The rugs will tend to rapidly lose their original shimmer and softness and become less comfortable to touch or walk on.

Plus, high temperatures and moisture, in general, will almost always make such a carpet disintegrate without many restoration options at hand. We only rely on the most experienced and skilled viscose rug cleaners who have received their IICRC certificates and have proven their ability to tackle these types of complex rug cleaning jobs that we are are often times hired to do.

Why We Are The Best Viscose Rug Cleaner In Town

  • We have rich expertise working with all types of fine art rugs, art silk carpets included. We know all the ins and outs of the manufacturing procedures, as well as the history and vulnerabilities that characterize them.
  • We have tested dozens of different cleaning approaches and came up with a safe and efficient cleaning protocol that we normally use on the great majority of the viscose rugs that reach us.
  • We know how to best tackle and prevent color bleeding and other dye problems and keep the color fading to a bare minimum.

Low Moisture Cleaning Solutions For Viscose Carpets

The talented viscose rug cleaners we work with know just how to approximate what is the best amount of water to use to obtain the desired results, while not interfering with the structure, shimmer, and softness of the rugs. This is why low moisture cleaning options are some of the most popular and efficient methods we use most often.

Fresh water is the most efficient cleaning option, but it should be used as little as possible as it is also responsible for causing the fibers to lose their strength and for the rugs to break more easily. We also pay great attention to using as few liquid cleaning products as possible, whenever they are necessary to clean or prevent any yellowing effects or staining. This also helps us complete the washing process without pulling out, shedding or breaking the fibers.

At the end of the washing cycle, we will apply a fine fabric spray protector that will provide you with extra protection against staining and liquid spills and give you more time to tackle them before they damage the structure of the rugs. Every water-based cleaning process we will put a rug through will end with a forced and controlled drying session. However, the drying will not be initiated before the complete grooming of the carpet will take place, to ensure all the fibers will be facing the correct directions.

Dry Cleaning Solutions

The procedure enables our technicians to steer completely clear from using any source of moisture. Instead, they will be using a special fine powder they will apply on the entire surface of the rug in order to have it absorb all the dust and debris. The powder, along with the dirt it has attracted, will then be pulled out with the help of low-power vacuum cleaners that will not trigger any further fiber pulling issues.

Affordable Viscose Carpet Cleaners Prices

Allow us to provide you with a free, comprehensive price estimate on any of the viscose rug cleaning services we are ready to offer. Get an idea of what to expect from us and find out why we are not only one of the most talented and efficient area rug cleaners in town, but also one of the most affordable services you could hire right now.

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