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Wool Rug Cleaning Services

The best wool cleaning service uses a comprehensive program. Experts pass the rug through each phase and perform techniques carefully to ensure the wool rug is clean effectively. Rug owners are impressed with the results.

Rug Inspection

A detailed inspection of the rug is conducted. Color bleed, pet stains, general stains, and other issues are noted. It is determined if the quality of a rug will be damaged by any particular process. Upon completion of the inspection, a suitable treatment method is chosen.

Wool Rug Specifics

Professional rug cleaners understand that most wool rugs can vary in the type of soil, condition, and construction. Those are characteristics that make wool rugs unique. The factors determine the individualized care the rug will receive.
A one-size-fits-all approach is not taken. The right procedure is chosen that best preserves the value and beauty of the rug. A dye test will determine the stability of the dye in a rug. A specialized duster, that was specifically designed for wool and Oriental rugs, is used.

This piece of equipment safely subjects the rug to 30,000 strokes per minute vibration. Even the most stubborn sediments and soil, trapped deep in a rug, are dislodged. The rug duster is unmatched in removing grit from dense, thick rugs.
Grit removal is crucial to the continued well-being of the rug. Grit is abrasive and can cause damage to rug fibers. It can reduce a rug’s life and beauty. Powerful vacuums cannot match the process of dirt and other abrasive removals from the rug.


The wool rug is immersed in a cleaning agent that is safe to use and will cause no damage. The rug soaks for an appropriate amount of time until the soil particles and dirt are removed.


Wool rug cleaning experts use old world techniques that are still approved by the industry. Horse hair brushes safely deliver the gentle action needed and implied by the claim of hand washed rugs. The washing process involves a thorough rinse with warm water. Rinsing ensures that no residue is left behind. Quality cleaning agents are used that do not affect the color of the wool rug.


After rinsing the rug, it is transferred to a highly modernized clean room that features equipment that is state-of-the-art. A particular temperature is maintained in the room. The rug is thoroughly dried. No moisture remains.
The manner of the process does not affect the softness of the rug. When the rug is dried, it is vacuumed again and reinspected. It is usually unnecessary, but if required, further treatment is done for effective results.

Stain Protection

An extra layer of anti-stain compounds can be applied after the rug has dried. Scotch guard will make a rug stain resistant for a while. It is advised to have an anti-stain treatment done every four or five months.
Sanitation is a good option for rugs that have lots of pet stains. It is a standard procedure that thoroughly removes the stains. The wool is immersed in special solutions and enzymes that kill bacteria. The rug is then treated with deodorizing agents that remove odor.


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