Top 5 Things To Do In Brooklyn

Whether you have recently moved to Brooklyn and you are eager to familiarize yourself with the borough or you are already an older resident and you would like to spend a pleasant day out and about, you have reached the right page. While our expert Brooklyn cleaning technicians are busy deep cleaning your carpets and upholstery, dyeing or restoring your stained and damaged area rugs or removing nasty odors from your beloved rugs, you could spend a relaxing day doing some fun activities. Here is a list of the top 5 things to do in Brooklyn, in case you are still looking for some quick inspiration.

With a plethora of attractions, bars, fine dining restaurants, a gorgeous botanic garden and a number of other hidden gems waiting to be revealed to curious eyes, Brooklyn is definitely an inspiring place to live in. No matter if you are located in Williamsburg or you are interested to discover some cool attractions in Crown Heights or Red Hook, read on.

#1: Spend The Day On Coney Island

Coney Island is probably best known for the Luna Park amusement park that has done an excellent job at restoring the vivid and wild nature of the area. With hundreds of thousands of people visiting Coney Island on a yearly basis, the place has a lot to offer, ranging from its gorgeous beaches, the chance to watch movies in the outdoors in the evening and attend concerts during the day, not to mention watch the Mermaid Parade.

#2: Get Lost In The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

If you are looking forward to finding some peace of mind and spending a quiet and relaxing time somewhere out in the nature, you could plan a trip at the Botanic Garden in Brooklyn. Get ready to take in the mesmerizing verdant oasis that also borders the Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum. The botanic garden was founded in 1910 and it is home to thousands of different types of flora spread across no less than 52 acres. If you plan on paying a visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in the springtime, chances are you are going to attend the unique Sakura Matsuri Festival and personally watch the jaw-dropping spectacle offered by the seventy cherry trees blooming alongside the Cherry Esplanade. You should also find the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden equally captivating, as it is the first garden that was inspired by the Japanese culture ever to be built in the country. Add the Shakespeare Garden to the list and get lost in the head-spinning scents of crocuses and primrose.

#3: Visit The Prospect Park

If you have visited Central Park before, you are already familiar with the works of talented urban visionaries Vaux and Law Olmsted, who are also the designers of this park in Brooklyn. The greenery spreads across 522 acres and it hosts the Long Meadow and Nether mead. If you love to lay in the grass, have a picnic or just watch passers-by and contemplate the clear sky, this is the place for you.

Robert Moses is responsible for designing the zoo as well as the Le Frack Center at Lakeside where you can spend your time going ice or roller skating.

#3: Check Out The Time Out Market New York

If you love trying out new eateries in town every time you get the chance and you have some spare time to kill while our cleaners are busy taking out the stains from your upholstered sofa and cleaning your carpeting, try out the Time Out Market New York. You will have the pleasant surprise to come across some of the coolest restaurants gathered here for your own delight, ranging from DUMBO in Empire Stores serving the most amazing pancakes, Patsy Grimaldi’s Juliana’s tasty pizza with a thin crust, the out-of-this-world fried chicken served at Jacob’s Pickles, or some divine Middle Eastern bites served at Miss Ada. These are just a few of the finest foods you are going to find here, on the two floors of the Time Out Market. Oh, and let us not forget about the gorgeous panoramas overlooking Brooklyn Bridge, the East River, and the mesmerizing skyline in Manhattan.

#4: Visit The Brooklyn Flea

If you cannot remember when was the last time when you visited a bazaar in the outdoors, add a visit to the Brooklyn Flea on your top 5 to-do things in Brooklyn and you will not regret it. What can you find here? Pretty much anything under the sky, ranging from unique old music records and vintage clothes that we guarantee you will not be able to find anywhere else in town. Find them at Dumbo and Williamsburg and also take advantage of the Smorgasbord food festival for an unforgettable experience here.

#5: Play Shuffleboard!

If you are truly looking for a genuine hipster experience in Brooklyn, you might want to go to the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club located in Gowanus. This is a bar designed with the Florida theme in mind that spreads across 17,000 square feet and counts ten full-sized courts where you can play shuffleboard. They even host a food truck that is always on the premise and you can try to join their shuffleboard league and be a part of their competitions. Remember to make reservations as the bar is always crowded.

Give us a call and let us schedule a cleaning job or rug repair for your home and take the day off to have some fun in the Brooklyn!


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