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The leading industry experts recommend having your rugs and carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

Often, people wonder why it is necessary to do it at such a high frequency, or even at all, when they have a vacuum at home that they clean their rugs with themselves. They wait until the rug looks visibly soiled or develops other problems such as smells, stains, mold, or moths before hiring a professional rug cleaning Brooklyn Service.

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One of the main reasons for regular professional carpet maintenance is that if you clean your carpets professionally every year, you will minimize any chance of ever developing many of these hazardous and unpleasant issues in the first place.

Your family is in contact with these carpets daily, and just as you would consistently wash your sheets and linens before they become problematic, you should wash your rugs regularly as well.

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Why use a professional carpet cleaning service?

First, we’ll explore the science behind why professional carpet cleaning is necessary for your carpets, and then we’ll delve further into the real life benefits of professional rug cleaning.
It’s no secret that rugs get a lot of foot traffic from everyone, but what does this mean for your carpet, and your vacuum as well? Small particles of soil get lodged in the carpet, and with every step they begin scratching and cutting away at the carpet fibers. This will eventually lead to issues such as color loss and visible wear and tear.

Health Benefits

Over time oil and grease naturally begin to build up on your carpet, making it increasingly difficult for your vacuum to be able to remove these particles of soil and dirt that get trapped in the grease.
With professional carpet cleaning these dirt, oils and damaging particles are removed through techniques such as professional soaking, deep cleaning with industrial grade soaps, and expert hand washing techniques that clean and restore even the most difficult and delicate carpets.

Types of Rugs We Clean in Brooklyn

Whether you have wool, silk, oriental, Persian, Pakistani, Kilim, shag, antique, contemporary or Turkish rug our experts Staff can handle any issue with care and success. call us today for a free estimate on site, pickup & delivery.

Our Additional Advantages

By this point we all know that professional carpet cleaning not only extends the life of your rugs but makes them (and the overall appearance of your home) look better, but it goes much deeper than that.

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Studies have shown that regular professional cleaning of workplace carpets not only improved worker morale, but it also decreased the frequency with which the employees were getting sick! This is because the bacteria, airborne pollutants, and allergens can all get trapped inside the fibrous matrix of carpets and even begin to colonize.

This can lead to inflamed allergies and frequent colds for your family and your pets as well. Only professional carpet cleaning can remove these microscopic pests with specialized equipment and sanitizing treatments.

Things like dust mites and bed bugs will be completely eradicated so that you can have peace of mind when your child or loved one steps on your carpets. As an added bonus, professional carpet cleaning has shown to improve air quality as well! Clearly the benefits go much deeper than just the aesthetic, and can directly affect the health and wellbeing of your family in several different ways.

Overall, weighing in on all the additional benefits we receive from professional carpet cleaning that not only benefit our rugs, but ourselves and our surroundings as well, it is easy to see why experts recommend professional carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months.

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